The Dance of Supreme Exaltation and The Three Kayas

In November 2015 Mipham and I (Dechen Steele) were planning our Smiling Lotus Wisdom Stupa fundraising event, "The Dance of Supreme Exaltation".  A dance performance that would tell the story of the Smiling Lotus Wisdom Stupa.  I asked Mipham, "What is the connection between the Dance of Supreme Exaltation and the 3 Kayas?"

The interrelationship of the three kayas, is that Dharmakaya is basically the source--the matrix or the ground--from which all our experiences manifest. The Sambhogakaya emerges out of the Dharmakaya and if one is able to tune into the Sambhogakaya, then one is able to manifest in Nirmanakaya form to benefit sentient beings.


Immediately Mipham grabbed a pen and paper and wrote this first in Tibetan, then later translated:

"Herein are the Answers for the Lotus who is Great Bliss,  the Native Knowingness-Woman’s Three Mysteries that are the Intensely Potent Ambrosial Elixir’s Spontaneous Song."

Authentically embodying the true nature of our experiences is our ever-fresh primal ground of being that is Mystic Spaciousness the Mighty Empress who is the Universally Wholesome Mother.

Authentically embodying heavenly perfection is our mother clear light’s radiating vibrancy that is our effortlessly presencing primal ground/appearance - the Sow’s dance.  

Authentically embodying emanational forms is our natively knowing/open-endedness that is our original way of being’s innermost succulence - the primal ground's fully activated dynamic power of artistic expression Making the Lotus Smile.

        A loveliness ever-present is Consummate Knowledge Perfected,         Prajnya Paramita, who is our primal ground/freedom dancing in space.

From out of the enveloping shells of the five families who are our Victorious Buddha-Mothers, our own natural brilliance is the womb/source.

Whatever there is, is a miraculous dancing profusion; the wholesome native heritage’s ocean of song. So be it!

[Based on conversation with my friend PeDe, this was done by Mipham the Junglist.]

Empyreal Seal © MC/William Braham, 2015