When the giving of donations of loving sunshine are in harmonious relationship
with the auspicious conditions of the golden earth, the receiving of merits of bountiful crops arise with ease.
This is the resplendent knot of auspicious interrelationship.

The images above [Left: Sculpture in Bihar, 10th c.; Middle: Painting by Drugu Chogyal Tulku Rinpoche, 1990; and Right: Sculpture by Jon Wayrono for stupa, Java, 2014] are the original Buddhist form of Goddess Kurukulla as found in the Tantra section of the Words of the Buddha Collection {Degé Kangyur, vol. 81 (rgyud ’bum, ca), folios 29b–42b.}. A translation of the Anuttara-Yoga Tantra form of this Goddess can be found here: http://read.84000.co/translation/UT22084-081-006.html].

Her lotus/sun/moon seat rests upon three ancient Vedic godlings. Upper hands hold arrow and bow. With her lower right hand she displays the 'granting fearlessness' mudra. Her lower left holds the stalk of a red lotus flower. This is the original form of the Goddess we honor as the Smiling Lotus Wisdom Stupa's patron, the Lotus Wisdom Dakini, Kurukulle.

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Offerings can be made in these ways:

Financial Donations

UPDATE:   As of the Fire-Bird year's Tenth lunar day of the Ninth Tibetan month {October 30,2017} the funds required for the 'Completion Phase' of the Smiling Lotus Stupa Project have been obtained.

For anyone still interested in making a financial donation to the consecration ceremony:    

Donations of money can be made via PayPal through Malama Ki Buddha Wisdom Garden by clicking on the red button below.

   Please indicate your tax-deductible donation is for the "The Kurukulle Stupa Project-Hawaii".

Offerings of Sacred Substances

  • Nature's raw, pure, sacredly held substances such as earth, water, sand, stones, seashells, metals, and crystals.  
  • Flora/fauna offerings such as: fragrant woods [like sandal and agar, hinoki pine], fragrant tree saps [like cedar, etc.], fragrant herbal plants like lavender, comfrey, jasmine, rose petals and dried cedar, mugwort, and juniper, honey, etc.. 
  • Sacred items and substances such as: incense, precious/semi-precious gemstones, jewelry, precious vessels of metal, clay, etc., essential oils, precious metals, relics, holy implements, various types of treasure vases, precious medicines and 'samaya substances' and blesséd articles, statues, sa-tsas, and the like. 

Please Click the "Make An Offering" button below. You will be directed to our "Contact" page to mail donated offerings along with your name, prayers, and dedications.

Each person who makes an offering or financial donation will be added to the prayer list which will be included in the dedication ceremonies for the stupa consecration rituals and receive regular updates via email on progress and activities associated with the Smiling Lotus Wisdom Stupa.