The Stupa Project Hawai'i-Kurukulle:

"The Ring of Fire-Keepers

         United in the Source of Bliss."

Inspired by the Glorious Goddess the Smoking One, the Mighty Queen of Merit,

Commissioned by H.E. Gochen Tulku Sang-ngak Namchak Tendzin Rinpoche:

The Smiling Lotus Wisdom Stupa is an Enlightenment Stupa dedicated to Goddess Kurukulle the Smiling Lotus Dakini. 

She is also known as Red Tara the Queen of the Lotus Family.

She is located at the navel of the planet once known as 'MU.'

She is at the center of the Ring of Fire.

She is at the fertile heart of a lush, tropical island jungle within a highly activated lava zone in the district of Puna

on the Big Island of Hawai'i - the Aloha State.

The Smiling Lotus Wisdom Dakini lives with us at the sanctuary known as the Malama Ki Buddha Wisdom Garden

We are blessed to provide Her a physical seat in the form of The Smiling Lotus Wisdom Stupa.

We invite you to connect with and enter into this sacred Dharmic activity called,

"The Ring of Fire Keepers United in the Source of Bliss."

"This is how it is here, at the womb of the world, where the elemental spirits of Fire -above and below- dwell in ever-fresh, spacious splendor's perfect harmony.  The Smiling Lotus Dakini is Tutu Pelema in molten flesh.  Mother Pele is the self-arising activity of the Glorious Smoking Goddess, Herself."                                                                                

- Lama Mipham Chögyal

help activate the smiling lotus wisdom stupa

Today, The Smiling Lotus Wisdom Stupa remains in crates on this sacred land.  A properly consecrated stupa -located here- shall provide the world a spiritual sanctuary for living in service, cultivating virtue, and creating a steady flow of blessings now and into the future.

In order to complete this enlightening activity we request offerings of generosity to bring this living monument of Dharmic wisdom, love, and power to fullest fruition.

The completion of The Smiling Lotus Wisdom Stupa/Mandala entails:

Stupa Site Development and Foundation

Sacred substances for filling the Stupa

Consecration Ritual and Offerings

Sponsoring the Vajra Master H.E. Tulku Sang-ngak Rinpoche, H.E. Bhakha Tulku Rinpoche, Khenpo Urgyan Wangchyuk, Lopön Namchak Dorji, and Translator. Their stay is estimated at 10 days.                    


2016 Stupa Fundraising Goal: $25,000.00