Now is the time to embrace our inter-relationship

Humanity is on the precipice of taking an important step in our collective evolution that WE, ourselves, continue to fabricate. It is the step of our globally networking realization that we are all intimately inter-related with the very fabric of Life itself. This step is weaving us towards oneness with balance, freedom with responsibility, weaving us towards a society built on a foundation of wisdom and harmony, openness and compassion. 

For many ages, we have lived torn and divided - within ourselves & with all our relations.

This ignorance of our True Nature's wholesomeness is the root of the exploitation and destruction of our fellow beings and environment. Our greed has led to environmental imbalances causing disease, strife, poverty, warfare.

In truth, we are interwoven. In delusion, we have been frayed beyond recognition. In sacred trust, we are making amends. In fact, we are -together- reweaving the sacred Thread of Life with the most refined stuff of indwelling luminous clarity: 

This is Buddhist Tantra - here and now.

Our thread is Buddha-Mother Red Tara's most loving expression - Kurukulle - The Smiling Lotus Wisdom Dakini.

Now is the time to collectively embrace our most loving inter-relationship. Now is the time for each individual to activate the deeply caring, wholesome heart, within. Now is the time for all humanity to harness the power of wisdom for most compassionate expressions of love shared as genuine connection with the magical Web of Life itself everywhere.

May this resplendent knot of living in harmony with the True Nature of Life lovingly weave us together in celebrating what makes life most meaningful: sharing our most intimate connection to True Nature - the source of all.

-By Mipham Chogyal & The Smiling Lotus Ohana