The Enlightenment Stupa:

   An Introduction

In Buddhist culture, a stupa is a living monument representing the lasting peace, happiness, well-being, and prosperity that is associated with the fully enlightened life of Buddha Shakyamuni. The Enlightenment Stupa symbolizes the Buddha Shakyamuni's noble path to perfect realization of the true nature of mind. The Enlightenment Stupa symbolizes the lasting benefits of this path to enlightenment.

This path shows us how we can remove all obstructing obscurations and make bloom all wholesome qualities associated with fully embodying Buddha-Wisdom and Compassion.

Following in his footsteps, we recognize this sacred, living heritage today. It is his timeless, living gift we are able to present and generously offer to the world right now. We share this dharmic activity's collective wealth of merit with all beings so we may fully perfect the wholesomely transformative power of this offering today on a vast and profound scale.

The Benefits of Stupas

Stupas are spiritual generators that transmit ocean-like waves of blessings to all who come into contact with them in any way. An Enlightenment Stupa broadcasts true harmony, lasting peace, and balances the natural elements. 

This supportive balance allows us the rare, most precious, opportunity to cultivate the growth of merit, wisdom, and compassion while subduing the upheavals of our time. These include environmental upheavals, drought, famine, disease, poverty, and war.

The Stupa also helps quicken and empower our individual and global path to enlightenment by providing a most sacred support for sharing the Dharma to a world-wide audience. This includes the offerings of transmissions and teachings, practices of group and individual meditation, retreats, monthly ritual gatherings, making offerings to the Stupa, and circumambulations around the Stupa.

The Lotus Dakini Kurukull e & smiling lotus wisdom stupa

Each stupa has a “patron deity” who serves as the “face” of the stupa's energy. Our stupa features an ancient seated form of the Mother of Buddhas, Noble Tara, known as Kurukulle, Queen of the Lotus Family. Kurukulle is a meditational deity in the Vajrayana tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Her origins are traced to a mountain region of Northern India.

Kurukulle’s function in the Ancient Ones’ {Nyingmapa} tradition, we who follow the Lotus-Born Guru Padmasambhava - the spiritual founder of Tibetan Buddhism - is to magnetize all the auspicious circumstances associated with the enlightened qualities of primordial wisdom's aspect of discerning awareness. Her power is to help us bring forth these blessings.

Kurukulle is the primordial wisdom-energy that manifests as the Fire element. The tantric path of Tibetan Buddhism teaches that the blessings of Kurukulle are the blissful presence of how unborn, native knowingness recognizes it's own true nature as primordial wisdom's original luminous clarity that is free from all conceptual elaborations.

The Union of Fire Goddesses:

Goddess Kurukulle and Goddess Pelema

Kurukulle is the perfect enlightened patron for our land of hot, moist, fertile, living volcanic activity associated with Hawai’i's Goddess of Fire, Pele.

Pele is often referred to as "Madame Pele" or "Tutu Pele." Madame Pele is the terrestrial “gate keeper” of the Western direction corresponding to the Fire element. According to legend, Madame Pele lives in the Helema'uma'u crater at the summit of Mount Kilauea, one of the world's most active volcano's. We live at the feet of this volcano.

Once the Smiling Lotus Wisdom Stupa is consecrated according to traditional methods by H.E. Tulku Sang-ngak Rinpoche, attending lamas, and gathered participants, the Stupa will harness the volcanic, procreative energy of our local Goddess of Fire, Madame Pele.



H.E. Tulku Sang-ngak Namchak Tendzin Rinpoche commissioned Lama Mipham Chögyal and Jade Rajbir Kaur to bring this living Tibetan Buddhist monument of Dharmic wisdom, love and power to Hawai'i.

This commission occurred in the Summer of 2012, at the conclusion of the consecration ceremony for The Garden of One Thousand Buddhas, located in Arlee, Montana. At the time they were commissioned, Tulku Sang-ngak Rinpoche shared with them a personal story.

He was giving teachings at the home of a student on Mount Shasta, California. During the night, he had a dream: A plume of pure, white smoke transformed into a peaceful, white goddess who arose from the snowy peak of Mount Shasta. The goddess donned wings and began flying away towards the west.

She announced that she was the Glorious Smoking Goddess, who, was taking flight and returning to her ancient home-to the island of Hawai’i's realm called, Halema'ma'u. “The Glorious Goddess the Smoking One” (Shri Devi/Palden Lhamo Düsolma) is the pre-eminent protectress of the snowy lands of Tibet.  Helema'uma'u crater is located at the summit of Mauna Kilauea, one of the worlds most active volcanos. This is the home of the indigenous Goddess of Fire, Tutu Pele.

Lama Mipham then shared with Tulku Rinpoche the title of something he had written in 1996 while in Three Year Retreat in Nepal under Rinpoche's guidance. From Lama Mipham's perspective, when Tulku Sang-ngak Rinpoche was sharing his story, Lama Mipham knew that the catalyst for success was Kurukulle The Smiling Lotus Wisdom Dakini who is Native Knowingness Exhibiting Perfect Artistry.

Since they were commissioned in 2012, Lama Mipham Chögyal and Jade Rajbir Kaur, have purchased, created, and cultivated - specifically for the purpose of hosting the Enlightenment Stupa dedicated to Kurukulle - the land that is the sanctuary spot named, The Malama Ki Buddha Wisdom Garden, or, "The Lotus-Born's Heavenly Playground a Delightful Garden Sanctuary {Pema Khachyod Gats'al Ling}.

Mount Shasta - thanks to  Anil Thapa Savenature

Mount Shasta - thanks to Anil Thapa Savenature

The enlightening activity of Pema Laykyi Wangmoche - 'Pelema', 2016

The enlightening activity of Pema Laykyi Wangmoche - 'Pelema', 2016

The Stupa, along with offering vases representing the 5 Great Mothers and protectresses, a traditional Javanese temple entryway, and a wooden slab from a 200 year old Longon fruit tree that will serve as an offering table for the Stupa arrived by boat to the Big Island of Hawai’i on the New Moon/Spring Equinox/Eclipse, March 20, 2015.

The Garuda has landed. By boat!

The Garuda has landed. By boat!

H.E. Gochen Tulku Sangngak Namchak Tendzin Rinpoche along with his wife, Khandro Melong Yeshe, and their family, dropped in to bless the site of the Smiling Lotus Wisdom Stupa just two days before the shipping container was successfully delivered from its birthplace of Magelang, Indonesia, to the Malama Ki Buddha Wisdom Garden. Thereby, Phase One of the Hawai'i Stupa Project was completed. We continue to offer fulfillment, aspiration and dedication prayers for swiftly accomplishing the health, well-being, good fortune, temporal and ultimate happiness for all living beings.

The chosen site blessed by Tulku Sang-ngak Rinpoche at the Malama Ki Buddha Wisdom Garden

The chosen site blessed by Tulku Sang-ngak Rinpoche at the Malama Ki Buddha Wisdom Garden

Today, The Smiling Lotus Wisdom Stupa remains in crates. All preliminaries are complete. We are ready for the Main Practice. Now, it is time to fully perfect this Dharmic work.

A properly consecrated stupa - located here - shall provide the world a spiritual sanctuary for living in continuous and concentrated service to the cultivation of virtue. This creates a steady flow of blessings now and into the future. We share this rare opportunity with you.

It is our deepest, heart-felt prayer that the virtues of the Smiling Lotus Wisdom Stupa – the primordial wisdom-activity of Buddha Mother Red Tara – shall come fully to reside in the center of the Ring of Fire. And, having been given a proper “seat” here, shall conduct the healing, enriching, magnetizing, liberating and ultimately, conduct enlightening activities for the world.

Sarwa Mangalam!